Meetings Programme 2014-2015


Synopses of Talks


Alan Butler

1st April 2014

The streets of Huntingdon.

This talk will cover the more interesting streets with their history in the old part of the town and the impact that the ring road has had on local travel.

Pat Doddy

6th May 2014



That sinking feeling – Huntingdon on sea.

Since the last Ice Age, the sea has been invading and retreating across Fenland. Over the last millennium, we have sought to reverse the general landward trend. This talk will look at the factors influencing the direction of movement of the sea, both natural and manmade. In particular, it will consider our response to the current rise in sea level as it affects our area.

David Broughton

3rd June 2014

Signs of the times.

An irreverent look at road signs and place names in UK and elsewhere.

Andrew Hunter-Blair

1st July 2014


London Guilds.

The Guilds of the City of London. It will cover their history and development from the Anglo Saxon times to the present day, their relationship with the City of London, what they now do, what impact they have on life and how to become a Liveryman and Freeman.

Gilly Vose

5th August 2014

The way we used to shop locally – a brief history of shops and shopping.

The talk will cover the changes in retailing during the recent past with emphasis on local towns.

Peter Ibbett

2nd September 2014



The Bury to Stratton Turnpike, or when the B1040 was a toll road.

A 1754 map of the Bury (near Ramsey) to Stratton (near Biggleswade) Turnpike road and Account Books together with contemporary drawings and reports give a picture of a toll road which once passed through St Ives. Does history reveal insights into the wisdom of the proposed A14 toll road?! '

Peter Bradford

7th October 2014



Blue Bird Care.

Bluebird Care has branches across UK and Ireland, and each is operated as a franchise, owned and run by local people. I’ve been running the Huntingdonshire branch for 2 years now and really enjoy the reward of providing high quality care to vulnerable adults who need help and companionship in their homes.

John Wright

4th November 2014


The Apollo Project.

The talk follows a chronological flow, running from the German influence on the US space programme, a look at Mercury and Gemini flights before moving on to the development of Apollo, culminating in the first lunar landing.

Bridget Flanagan

2nd December 2014



The golden age of the River Ouse.

The talk will describe and illustrate the late Victorian and Edwardian eras when the ending of commercial river traffic above St Ives freed the river for popular enjoyment. This was done in great style as boating and river pastimes were the height of fashion. Artists and tourists came especially to St Ives and the riverside villages to enjoy the charms of these 'olde-world' beauty spots.

Derek Shelton-Smith

6th January 2015


A life in aviation history.

Personal Life Development – Flight Engineer – Fast Jet Pilot – Tactical Transport Captain – Aviation Industry Manager for creation of advanced products.



Becky Proctor

3rd February 2015




A Century of Care at Papworth

My talk will have an emphasis on the origins and development of Papworth Village Settlement and treatment of TB, but with also a brief overview of the history of the hospital since 1948 and the future move to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.