Meetings Programme 2017-2018


Synopses of Talks


Jeff Turner

4th April 2017

The Bobby Team

Reducing crime, promoting peace of mind in Cambridgeshire.

Brian Scovell

2nd May 2017


Famous Footballers & Cricketers

Brian Scovell, 40 years with the Daily Mail and Daily Sketch, talks about the footballing and cricketing stars he worked with.

Sarah Russel

6th June 2017

The Norris Museum

The history and redevelopment of the Norris Museum in St Ives.

John Wright

4thJuly 2017


The American Civil War

Events leading to the conflict, the major battles, key personalities and repercussions
of the war.

Mark Davies

1st August 2017

The Origins of Hot-Air Ballooning

"King of all Balloons": James Sadler, Oxford pastry cook & first Englishman to fly; his 'double first' ascents from Oxford & Cambridge; and his aeronautical 'queens'.

Keith Walters

5th September 2017

Flying the Vulcan Bomber

Flying this awesome bomber during the Cold War.

Jim Blackwood

3rd October 2017


World War 2 Photographic Reconnaissance

The development and expansion of photo reconnaissance, covering both strategic and tactical, with examples of imagery from that period.

Corinne Galloway

7th November 2017

The Cromwell Museum

The history and redevelopment of the Cromwell Museum in Huntingdon.

Doreen Reed

5th December 2017

Amusing Tales of Everyday Events

A mixture of humorous and nostalgic tales.

Alex Alexander

2nd January 2018

The Victorian railways of Peterborough

The development of the Victorian railways giving rise to Peterborough’s second townships.

Nicole Davies

(A volunteer speaker from
the charity, WaterAid)

6th February 2018

Water, Water……. Everywhere???

How safe water and toilets transform communities around the world. WaterAid’s aim is for everyone, everywhere to have access to these vital services by 2030. Examples of work witnessed in Uganda.