RAF Wyton Heritage Centre


15th March 2017


The RAF Wyton Heritage Centre comprises 3 historical collections:

1. The RAF Wyton History Timeline. This covers the history of RAF Wyton from its beginnings as a Royal Flying Corps station in 1916 to its present use as the HQ Joint Forces Intelligence Group.

2. The Imagery Intelligence Collection. This collection was previously the JARIC History Collection formerly housed at RAF Brampton and recently expanded to cover all aspect of photo reconnaissance/imagery intelligence.

3. The Pathfinder Collection. This is the most comprehensive collection of RAF Pathfinder Force memorabilia which was started in 1996 and has grown considerably over the years.

Photography was not permitted on most of the Site but the following four pictures give a general impression of the exhibits.



The "gate guardian" at the main entrance - an RAF Canberra XH 170 which were based at Wyton from the 1970s to 1993.



De Haviland Mosquito which was the work horse of the Pathfinder Squadrons in WW2 "flying" above the entrance stairwell. 



Display of aircraft technical equipment used during WW2 - what a contrast with the current computer based gear which we were shown in the Defence Logistics Collection with a mock-up of a Nimrod interior which looked like a large computer room! 



A large selection of RAF uniforms were on display in several ares of the Heritage Centre. This one shows Pathfinder uniforms, maps, Mosquitos and group photographs of crews.